Twyford Village Partnership is a not for profit organization that was set up to make Twyford and Ruscombe a better living place.

We aim to improve the livelihood, communication and bring people in the community together. We initiate activities and events that will improve the lives of people working and living in these communities as well as those around them.

Twyford Village Partnership has a number of committee members that have undertaken various roles to ensure the objective and goals of the organization are successful.

The organization holds yearly village events and initiates new ideas for the community. We are always pleased to accept the help of those that want to help us work to achieve our goals.

We are focused on giving support to the orphans and destitute children as well as transforming their lives for the good of the community. We have programs that are aimed at meeting their needs (those that are orphans and some who are not), the caregivers who are also unable to fully provide their needs.

Our village partnership is very different from others because we are not offering a relief program but a full handout program. We give the local people partnership opportunities, provide them with resources and train them to be able to provide for their children as well as improving the community.

We have a working process that integrates the local village leadership (this cuts across traditional chiefs, religious leaders, etc.) to disburse a coming-alongside sort of succour. Our in-country staff strives to ascertain the unique needs of the most vulnerable section of the Twyford community and in response work out a strategy for the effective distribution of accessible solutions.

We begin by partnering with the community and addressing their most important needs. We understand that the unique needs of communities vary. We are able to provide and implement development in the communities through funding from our sponsors. We provide the communities we support with medical care, food, education, and other amenities. Apart from the children in the community that is sponsored, the organization also receives support from individuals through a collective funding program. The organization also supports other local charities and charity programs. We have conducted various support programs including mentoring programs, business forums, health forums, fundraising events, Twyford wildlife Safari, market events, Christmas and many other programs for the community.

If you want to join us to support the local community, we will like to hear from you. Please visit our contact page to reach out to us.