The mission of Twyford Village Partnership is to work together with the local community of Twyford to provide the basic facilities, services, and education that the community needs in of to live a better life. Since our organization was established, we have helped those in need in Twyford to be able to accomplish a lot of things that would also benefit the generations of the future.

We are engaged in projects that will be of benefit to the community such as providing clean water in Twyford, improving health care and the quality of life of the people.


Our vision is to provide hope to the children and youths in Twyford and to make them live their dreams. To give hope to those who do not have the resources to live a better life and to give them the promise of a brighter future.


At Twyford Village Partnership, we generate resources through community partnerships and fundraising activities. Our mission is to ensure that the funds generated are used to improve and make a positive impact on the lives of the people in the community.

We attract individuals or volunteers and partners that share our passion to help the people in Twyford achieve their dreams. We will encourage those who support us to help transform the community. We hope that with our resources and funds, we would be able to improve the community by helping the children, youths as well as their families who are deserve this support. We will also ensure that we live up to our mission and that our activities are consistent with our objectives for the people of Twyford.


We are inviting volunteers to come to take part in our projects. The funds invested will be used to promote Twyford Village Partnership projects in the community, for charities and start-up businesses.

Together, smiles can be more common in Twyford.