When people choose to make a donation towards a cause that they support, they want it to matter. It is important to always conduct some preliminary research before donating to any charity so you know that your donation gets to where you want it and where it would have a positive impact. Here are some of the things to put in mind when making a donation to avoid scams.

Research Online

Are you considering supporting a charity? Most charities now have an online presence which means you can gather some information about them by doing a simple search online. For instance, you can search for terms like hurricane relief, top charities and other similar phrases on search engines. Whenever you choose to give to any charity, make sure you find out the reviews, complaints, ratings and possible scams associated with it online. There are many organisations online that offer reviews and information about legitimate charity organizations that you can make your donations to.

Make Your Donations Count

Also, when making your donation, ensure that that you also do a research about the charity on the type of donations they offer so know what you are offering will help their cause and is in line with the type of people you want to help.

Are payments secure?

If you come across people asking for donations either in cash, gift cards or by wiring, avoid them. This is usually the way scams operate. The safest charities will request for donations via credit card payments or with a check. Always keep a record of all the donations you make. It is also important to go through your bank statements in detail to be sure that you have not been overcharged and that the actual amount donated is reflected in the statement.

Another thing to watch out for is to avoid signing up on platforms that will require you to make recurring donations. When you are making a decision to donate, also ensure that you know who receives your donations.

Note Scammers tricks

Don’t allow anyone coerces you to make donations because that is what scammers usually do. One common scam trick played is where they thank you for making a donation that you never made. These scammers can easily change their caller ID to trick you to think that they are actually calling from your country code. They also use names associated with some similar charities which are why you need to do your research before contacting them.

You will find them making very vague and unrealistic claims but will not be specific or give you real details of what your donation money is actually used for. Another trick with scams is where some will convince you that your donations are tax-deductible which is not the case. They make false claims that they intend to give sweepstakes winnings for making donations. It is illegal to exchange winnings for a donation and that is how you know it is a scam. Whenever you find yourself in doubt of how a charity will make use of your funds, it is better to look for another charity. There are so many charity organizations that you can use to make a safe donation. Make sure you take down notes you can keep in mind everytime you find a new scam trick from the

Always report scams to regulatory bodies so others don’t fall into their hands. You can contact your state charity regulator and let them know the scammer's names, their contact details and how they transacted their business with you.