One major challenge that new businesses face in Twyford is the non-existence of funds to help grow their business. Taking loans from financial institutions isn’t the best option especially when thinking of the huge interest rates attached to the loans.

Going through financial institutions involves a lot of processes and criteria that the start-up business may not be able to meet up to. Hence in most situations, they will unfortunately end up getting rejected by the banks. However, with your donations, these budding enterprises can easily have access to large amount of funds to boost their growth and that of the Twyford community.

Start-ups now understand the benefit of sourcing for funds by raising crowdfunding campaigns – we are strong proponents of this, building local businesses communally. It is not only less risky for start-ups but it also gives these entrepreneurs sufficient financial control of their own business. Start-up businesses want to improve the community with their services and they need the right support that can help them establish themselves in a community like Twyford.

At Twyford Village Partnership we help individuals achieve their dreams and this also includes new startups in Twyford. We want to support your dreams and for that, we are willing to put our donations in your cause.

How does it work?

Twyford Village Partnership is the place to go to for your crowdfunding needs. As a startup, we are here to help you raise money or secure capital for your business. Our crowdfunding opportunities are open to two categories of users:

• People looking for a platform where they can get the best capital funding or start-up financing for particular businesses or for not for profit projects. Twyford Village Partnership is always happy to help you with your fundraising campaign. Here businesses will get all the support they need to make their dreams come true.

• Those who want to donate to help raise funds for start-up businesses that need it. We have sufficient credibility to help you locate the rightful startups that need your support.

When you request for funding from our organization, we will carry out our process and help you get the financing you need to start your journey. We have volunteers willing to make donations to those that have a great idea for a business.

Start-up businesses can seek funds with our organization by contacting us with their request. We will look at the applications critically it considers if it falls in line with our mission.

Twyford Village Partnership is always ready to support start-ups that have a business that is not only interested in making profits but whose services will definitely improve the quality of life in Twyford.

However, we can only do this together: you and us!